Rosebrook Tracers

Rosebrook tracers have been designed to meet the strict requirements of the metalworking industries. Dependability, high pressure capability, high flow capacity and ease of operation are quality crafted into every Rosebrook hydraulic tracer. The Rosebrook tracer has been manufactured for over 30 years and it is the sole focus of our business.

Whether automatic or manual….one, two, or three dimensional….there is a Rosebrook tracer for every application.

Rosebrook hydraulic tracing valves are designed for use with production mills, lathes and drilling. They save an operator’s time, eliminate extra motion and add precision to any job. Repeatability up to one ten thousandth of an inch is assured through use of the patented Crescent Flow Balance Grind. It is the most important of all exclusive Rosebrook features, permitting the use of high pressure tracer control previously considered impossible. Overshoot is eliminated and production may be increased by up to 50%, cutter life as much as 300% and bench work may be cut by 30%.

Semi-automatic, fully-automatic and solenoid-controlled models are available to meet your exact requirements. No job is too small or too big for a Rosebrook tracer. If positive control is important in your operation, then Rosebrook can provide the precision you demand.

Rosebrook has always been a direct substitute for many True-Trace models. With the end of True-Trace, many companies are replacing their old valves with Rosebrook Tracer valves.

We provide valves for companies around the world and we are familiar with exporting to many countries. Our valves are used in companies ranging from the small family owned businesses to the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world. Rosebrook Tracers maintains an extensive parts inventory to assure you that parts will be available immediately if you need them. We would consider it a privilege to help you with your tracer valve needs.